Cliff September 5th, 1945

September 18

Church at San Fernando, La Union 1945

Church at San Fernando, La Union 1945

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter of Aug. 21st- I see you hadn’t heard from me in several days. Mom wrote that she hadn’t either. Evidently the mail was delayed or probably lost.

Censorship of packages and letters was lifted as of today. As you have seen by the heading of my letter, I am located near a town called San Fernando. There are two towns of the same name- I am in the northern most one about 175 miles north of Manila. I am working in a General Dispensary located on a beach in a nice area. I expect to go back to our hospital unit soon to work in the dental clinic there.

Well, the Japs have surrendered in almost all areas now and the occupation of Japan seems to be going along smoothly. It doesn’t seem true that it’s all over.

I imagine you’ve seen Milly, Susan & Lorne by now. Mom wrote that they expected to be home early in September.

It looks as if I’ll be out here for at least six months yet but hope I’ll get home much sooner.

Greetings to your family, Jean”

Love, Cliff”

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