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Beany September 25th, 1945

September 21

8th Infantry Return Home

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I was rather surprised to hear that you had sold the car- more so to hear what you got for it. I think you did a wise thing and am glad you didn’t wait for my approval. It wouldn’t have been worth half as much this fall. It must have been worth our while keeping up the appearance like we did.

One of these days I’ll probably hear something about going home. They haven’t done much about Officers over here up until now. I’m afraid I’ll have trouble with a Minnesota winter after an absence of so many years.

Enjoyed your letter Jean, it contained a lot of news and things I wanted to know. If I can I’ll try to get you some more perfume before I head for the happy land.

Will keep you posted on developments as they arise.

Love, Beany”

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