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Jerry October 8th, 1945

September 25

Streetcar At Fort Snelling Station

Streetcar At Fort Snelling Station

“Dear Beany,

Our last mail from you was your letter of Sept 13th- how about exercising your arm a little more often? Guess this letter is a few days late, so I’d better not kick.

Last night Eleanor changed her name from Miss to Mrs. It was a beautiful wedding. Susan was flower girl and did a very nice job of it. After the wedding about twenty of us were invited to a dinner at a Cafe near Inga’s. Then we went to the N.C.O. Club at Ft. Snelling for the reception.

Bill Porter (Eleanor’s hubby) had two cases of whiskey so everyone had plenty to drink. There were a lot of Bill’s friends from Wold-Chamberlain there so it was a large crowd. We gave them a large round mirror from all of us for a wedding gift. I took Mom, Jennie and Charley home afterwards, so it was near 3:30 when we crawled into bed. Lorne & Milly went home earlier.

We slept late today- then went down to a movie. See Deanna Durbin in ‘Lady on a Train’. It was good.

Jean was at a shower the other night, so I had a poker game at our house. I won $1.65- t’was our first game since the club party we had two months ago.

We were out with Lucy Wells last Sat. eve. She and Lila were down here for the weekend and stayed with Mom Saturday night. We all had supper at Mom’s then went to a night club near Robbinsdale. The orchestra dedicated a piece to Lucy, which she enjoyed. She has a discharge now and plans to go back to Civilian nursing soon. She asked about you and Cliff and is sure anxioous to see you again.

Jean’s brother Jack is in Shanghai, China now. He’s been overseas since last May. Says he’ll be home when his ship comes back for repairs. He is a Fireman 2/C. 

Lorne, Jim, Russ and Marty didn’t do too well on their So. Dakota hunting trip last weekend. They brought back four a piece. Minn. pheasant hunting starts Oct, 20th. Maybe I’ll take up hunting when you and Cliff get home. I think I’d enjoy it.

Bye for this time. Hello from Jean. Write often.


Jean & Jerry 

Hope you get your F.F. Candy soon. Happy birthday again!”

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