Cliff January 16th, 1945

Baseball In The Pacific, 1945

Baseball In The Pacific, 1945

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Last night I received your letter of Dec. 31st and the two pictures of Lorne, Milly & Susan. They turned out very good for inside snapshots. I hope to receive the others soon.

Beany sent me a booklet- the story of the 8th Division. It is very interesting. I imagine you received one, too. Mom’s latest letter is of Jan. 2nd. She said they were busy cleaning up their new place.

The weather here has been quite warm- I’ve been going to the beach quite often lately.

Today I plan to go to a baseball game between the Army & Navy. They are playing another championship series. We have two fellows on the Army all-star team. Sports go on the year round here because the weather is usually always favorable.

Did you have a good time on New Years eve? We had some Hamm’s beer for a few days this past month. I thought is was a good treat. Most of the beer we’ve had came from the East or West Coast.

Hope you’ve had a recent letter from Beany. Let me know as soon as you do.

Love, Cliff”

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