Cliff June 28th, 1945

Filipino Dances 1945

Filipino Dances 1945

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

Today I received your very nice package- thanks so much! It came in excellent condition and nothing was spoiled. T Shirts are what I needed as I wear them while on duty here. I wrote Mom yesterday to send some to me. The ‘cheer’ was a good treat- we are allowed a liquor ration now and will be getting the first of it in July.

On Sunday I visited a nearby town- saw more cock fights and talked with some Filipinos. Many of them speak English and are well educated. I promised to tell you more about these fights. A very sharp blade about three inches in length is tied to the left leg of each bird and they fight furiously. In flying over and at one another they do damage in a hurry. It sounds rather cruel but it is a popular sport over here.

They have a dance near here about once a week- the Filipinos play mostly American popular music. Quite a few of the G.I.’s have been going and have good times.

Sunday eve I saw a movie called ‘A Royal Scandal’ with Tallulah Bankhead. It was a good comedy. We are scheduled to have one stage show a week here and we have movies three times a week.

One of the fellows here made a gold ring which I am sending to Susan for her birthday. It is heart-shaped with the letter ‘S’ on it. I hope it will fit her.

In Mom’s V-mail of June 13th which I received today, she said that Milton Thielke will be getting discharged from the Army. I’m sure glad for Winnie.

Hope to hear from you soon. Did you have nice weather during your vacation? Thanks again for the package.



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