Cliff May 30th, 1945

Cliff In The Philippines

Cliff In The Philippines

“Dear Jean and Jerry,

I just remembered that this is your birthday, Jerry- sorry that I forgot about it but I’ve been so busy and with moving and all the time has slipped away very fast, it seems. Happy Birthday! Better late than never.

I am on detached service now- I’m working in a Dental Clinic and like the assignment very well. I can tell you that I’ve been in Manila- I’ll give you more details when I see you again.

I received a box of Fanny Farmers candy from Inga this week- it came in very good condition. She is sure a swell Aunt Inga!

Hope you have a nice time on your vacations- are you going to visit Milly and Lorne? I know they would enjoy seeing you. I’ll be expecting some snapshots when you get back.

I am fine. The weather seems warmer than in the Hebrides but I think I’ll like this area better.

Bye for now. Hope Mom remembered you from me on your birthday.



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