Dolores August 13th, 1943


WAVES with new ratings badges after completing specialized training

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received a letter from Vern yesterday and it looks like he may be in Tennessee. We plan to get a weekend in together- on my long weekend off  I have from two Saturday noon off until two Monday noon- now all we have to do is to make the train schedule and his pass jive in with my time and everything will be hunky dory.

Did I tell you about the girl with the V neck dress in my last letter- well a fellow asked her if it was for victory and she said no virgin, but it was an old dress.

This is my week to work the night shift- so we gals went swimming after work last night and golly I’ve gone swimming in Lake Phalen when there were chunks of ice floating in the water and it was never as cold as Lake Michigan. After we swam we ate watermelon and then had a nice messy fight with the peelings and sand and what have you. I still have sand in my hair. Then we got dressed and went and ate hamburgers with everything and boy my stomach is really kicking up today.

Vern sent these pictures to Cliff and he to me and now me to you and so on down the line I guess. Your pictures look like a lot of fun- all of us kids here are dying for a good picnic but our hours are so mixed up that we never get the chance.

My cousin Dot is coming to Milwaukee on my next long weekend.

I’ve been neglecting my letter answering lately- I’ve been trying to study my course so that I can get a Crow Mark and $78.00 a month- of course the money part has no interest to me- much!

So long for now.



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