Dolores July 25th, 1943

Dining Room, Hotel Knickerbocker Chicago

Dining Room, Hotel Knickerbocker Chicago

“Dear Jean, Jerry,

Well another girl and I are spending a weekend here. Right now she is at the Yaw Room at the Drake with one of her patients. I bowed out with a headache, so have a chance to catch up on my correspondence.

I saw Milly at Colonel Cooks home at Fort Sheridan and certainly was surprised to hear she was there. I bought my whites when I got home and am going to have some post card pictures taken when I get a chance.

We went swimming last Sunday at Lake Forest and I really got a honey of a burn, I couldn’t sleep for three nights and went around looking like a spook during the days- which made my dentist mathen disgusted- we are getting along much better now since I told him my hearing wasn’t to good and he finally confessed that he did rather talk with a mouth full of marbles.

How do you like the new job Jerry. Don’t you miss Ole and Mike and Tom. Of course you don’t have to hear about Ole’s sister Mary, you know the one married to Sue’s friends best friend. I’ll never forget the time she came is so mad and kicked the boiler over, thats the only time I ever saw her use some good understanding.

O, we got more furniture in yesterday and what a mess. Every place you moved there was either a chair, couch or love seat (thats a laugh love seats in WAVES barracks) Well we pushed chairs and stuff around for about a half hour and got no where- so I sat down and finally figured out an arrangement- now they call the lounge ‘Swanstroms’ little domain.

The colors are green and yellow leather with blond wood trimming and its really pretty. We made four separate sitting groups and the backs of the green couches are matched to the backs of the yellow to divide each group- am I becoming confusing- I guess so, so I have better quit. I think I’ll hit the bed now and try to lose my headache.



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