Jerry February 9th, 1943

US Civil Service Commission

US Civil Service Commission

” Mr. Jerome Howard Nelson,

Thank you for the application which you have sent to the Civil Service Commission. We appreciate the patriotic motive which prompted you to make your record available for consideration as needs arise in the war agencies.

Your record will be carefully reviewed, classified, and made a part of an active reservoir from which we shall refer records as requests for them come to us. You will recognize that in these days in Washington thousands of records are being received from patriotic citizens and that not all of them will be called upon to render service as government employees.

It is necessary to have on hand a substantial number of records of persons with varied qualifications, oftentimes highly specialized in narrow fields, in order to meet the specific needs of the war agencies. In the event you are selected for appointment, you will receive notice directly from the department or agency having need for your services.

May we ask your cooperation in helping us to devote our energies to obtaining the best qualified individuals for important war work positions by not making inquiry concerning the status of your application or the prospects of receiving appointment? We again wish to assure you that your qualifications will be given the maximum consideration.

Sincerely yours,

William C. Hull

Executive Assistant”

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