Jerry May 27th, 1943

Jerry's Birthday

Jerry's Birthday

“Dear Jean,

Seems awful funny writing to you. This is the first letter I’ve had to write to my honey- sure hope I never have to write another. Just doesn’t seem right not having you with me!

As you know Mom and I stayed all night with Dad. He slept pretty good from 9:00 ’til 2:00, when he woke up and had more pain. We rubbed his back like he always wants us to, but finally asked for a Hypo. He was restless til about 4:00 then dozed on and off til morning. Cliff came up around 8:00 and stayed til Mil came at noon.

Just before I left the hospital this morning, Dad said, ‘So today is the 27th. You’re 25 aren’t you’- He wanted me to go home to breakfast then. I did- then slept til about noon.

This afternoon I cleaned a chicken to make broth for Dad. Also waxed the car, took a bath, and chopped some wood. Cliff mowed the lawn.

Cliff got an answer back from his request for an extension. He got three extra days, so won’t have to go back to the Cities til Monday night when we do.

Also got a telegram from Beany saying- ‘Will arrive late Friday or Saturday morning.’ At least he and Cliff will have some time together.

It has sure been nice out today. The sun has been shining and it’s quite warm.

I got several nice presents including pajamas from Mom and Dad- a carton of cigarettes from Cliff, two pair of nice stockings from Milly, one pair socks from Inga, a card from Winnie and Lyla Wells made a nice white cake with Happy Birthday on it. It also had a pink center layer. Will save my lil rosebud a piece.

Cliff and Milly are going to stay with Dad tonight. He has been quite restless all day today and has had a lot of pain, but the Dr. said his heart was a little better this morning. Sure hope those pains leave him, then I’m sure he’d snap out of it.

Milly had a letter from Lorne today. He’s back in Guadalcanal now and he’s with a Headquarters unit.

Cliff is gonna write a few words now. Will be counting the minutes til my lil wife comes back to me! All my love and kisses.

Yours- Jerry.

Hi Jean,

As Jerry told you, I have a three day extension to my furlough so I’ll be leaving Mpls. on Tuesday noon. I’d like to ask a favor of you, Jean. During your stop-over in Mpls. on Sat., could you make a reservation for me on the ‘Rocket’ to Des Moines- my train leaves at noon. If you can get the ticket and the reservation slip, it would be so much the better.

Now don’t take a chance on missing the train! Perhaps you can call from home just as well. You should have a 25 minute stop over in Mpls.- better check on it! See you Saturday- Cliff.”

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