Lorne May 15th, 1944

Battle For New Georgia

Battle For New Georgia

“Dear Mom & Pop,

Today is Mother’s Day. I hope you received the Mother’s Day V-mail greeting I sent you and also the flowers. Being at such a distance and trying to send you flowers through the Army P.X. system is sort of a hopeless proposition. Perhaps they did get through though and I want you to know I really mean it when I send you best wishes for Mother’s Day. If I have been able to do my share in this war and if I have had a certain amount of success in doing so, it is all because of the care and effort of both of you. I want you to know that I appreciate it a lot.

By this time I guess you know about my promotion. I’m happy and proud about it, but for some reason promotions don’t seem important anymore. I have been away too long. I would like so much to get home.

Some of the boys are going home under the rotation plan, but it is so few in comparison to the many who are eligible. Remember many of the boys in this division had been overseas for almost two years when the war began. So we are particularly unfortunate and of course the higher ranking officers are rotated very, very, slowly. I really don’t expect to get home until the war is over. I wish it wasn’t so hard to wait that long.

Love, Lorne”

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