Lorne May 21st, 1944

Sniper Patrol, New Georgia

Sniper Patrol, New Georgia

“Dear Jean & Jerry,

Received your letter some time ago, but have neglected writing because there is absolutely nothing to write about. All we do is work and train, work and train. The Army seems to operate on the theory that all work and no play makes a damn good soldier.

Yes, I’m hovering around 200 lbs. The tropics seem to make no difference to my health. Guess that’s why they keep me around here so long.

The pictures I sent home were of a lake in New Zealand. As you say much of New Zealand is like Minnesota. All the fish there are trout though. They are enormous fish. Their average size trout is three or four times as large as our average.

Yes, I got your pictures. Sorry, I thought I had mentioned it before. They’re good.

Wish the situation in Europe would clear up. We can’t really get going down here until it does. Guess the good old infantry has to get in there and finish it off. The air corps and the armored force are fine, but I think it is clear to everyone now that victory can never be achieved until the foot soldier actually gets on the ground with his rifle and bayonet. Only then will the Germans and Japs listen to reason.

Yes I was promoted to Lt. Colonel. The authorities must be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Good luck for now.

Sincerely, Lorne”

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