Lorne May 22nd, 1944

Infantrymen Find Cover Behind A Tank

Infantrymen Find Cover Behind A Tank

“Dear Pop,

Received your May 3rd letter the other day. Thanks a lot. Yes, I had a letter from Elaine so I know pretty much of the situation in regard to them.

I still have the plant paper with your name in it in regard to your perfect attendance. Keep up the good work. Wish more people both here and back there were that steady. I hope both your and Mom’s health holds up. Remember the doctor said that Mom is healthy as a horse anyway.

We are back in training again. It’s a tough grind. The Army (overseas anyway) operates on the theory that all work and no play makes a damn good soldier. But we get awfully bored with nothing but work, work, and more work. Maybe that is the Army’s idea. Get us so bored that we will be glad to go any where to fight the Japs, just as a relief from boredom.

Yes, I was promoted recently. It seems that as you get more rank you’re less impressed though. I think that I was much more excited about my promotion to Captain.

My chances of coming home are poorer than ever now with this promotion. The Army hangs on tight to its higher ranking officers over here. Good luck!

Sincerely and love,


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