Magnus February 4th, 1943

Canned Goods On The Wartime Ration List

Canned Goods On The Wartime Ration List

“Hello Kids,

Well I am sure taking life easy now, altho it keeps me busy reading books for Susan. We have sure had a hard winter with all our snow, but hope it will break pretty soon.

I don’t know when I will go back to work. I can draw my insurance for 6 months, but hope I don’t have to lay around that long. If I do, I’ll go nuts doing nothing.

From what I hear over the radio, you had better get rid of some of your canned goods so you will not get caught with to much. I guess they will tighten up on a lot of things before this war is over.

When are you coming out here again. Its hard to depend on the weather.

This is rather short but you know Im no letter writer.

As ever, Dad”

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