Milly January 29th, 1945

Playing Cribbage In Normandy

Playing Cribbage In Normandy

“Dear Kids,

We received the box of Kleenex in good shape. Thanks so much for the trouble. I am enclosing 2 dollar bills to cover that and the Coty’s dahlia lipstick that I mentioned in my card.

We use a lot of Kleenex because we all have sinus colds and we hate to use handkerchiefs because we’re all blowing our noses all day. I seem to have recovered sooner than the rest. I kept Susan home from school today because her ear bothered her Sat. and her throat seems kind of husky. Mom and Lorne feel better but it’s still hanging on. This is a good breeding place for sinus, I guess.

It’s swell winter weather, though. Yesterday I picked 3 yellow jonquils- they make the darlingest bouquet for the coffee table because they are small. I think there will be a lot of them.

I went to the greenhouse here on Sat. and bought seven little potted plants- two for the fireplace, a fern for the dining room table and the rest to set around in the windows. They trim up the house so much. I bought one each special for Mom and Susan because they were sick!

We were invited over to Bob Miller’s Sat. night to play bridge and cribbage. They’re just learning cribbage out of a book so they play quite slowly and I think Lorne just about went nuts but he acted quite patient. He drew the line at one thing, though. According to the book of rules, they turn over their cards after each ‘go’ so as not to get confused in counting but he refuse to do that! Said it made him more mixed up!

Last night we were invited to a supper and bridge at another place. Otherwise we’ve been staying home trying to doctor ourselves. The 3 of us usually end up playing rummy or something and when Mom or I beat Lorne too much, he wants to teach us chess so he can beat us good!

I suppose the Dales will be moving into our house this week, if they haven’t already. Poor little house- I’ll bet it has been lonesome!

How’s the weather up there? We read about the snow and cold but didn’t get the Mpls. papers last week so aren’t very well posted.

Love from us all,


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