Milly January 31st, 1944

Milly with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brabant in the 1960s

Milly with Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brabant in the 1960s

“Dear Brabants,

Inclosed is a letter from my wife. I couldn’t give her your address, of course, so she wrote after I told her about my stay at your place, and asked me to forward this to you.

Thank you again for the wonderful holiday.

Greet the kids.


Lorne. S. Ward

Dear Brabants,

I know of you only by your last name so I hope you won’t mind my addressing you by that. Lorne has written so enthusiastically about your country and all the people he has met there- especially you. How I wish I could be there to spend this time with him and to share all the pleasant experiences he has had.

It was so grand of you to share your Christmas with him- I do appreciate it as I know he did, too, and thank you so much. This is his third Christmas away from home and I’m sure the most pleasant because of your kindness. He wrote of doing the things he loves best-hunting, fishing, swimming, and the relaxation that he gets from them all.

I like to hope that someday we can repay your hospitality. I’m sure that it shall be one of Lorne’s most cherished memories of his visit to your country.


Mildred Ward”

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