Milly March 31st, 1945

Head Hunters Of The Solomon Islands

Head Hunters Of The Solomon Islands

“Dear Kids,

You certainly went to town when you started buying gifts! We were so thrilled to find gifts for all of us. I’m crazy about the jacket- I’ve needed a raincoat down here and the jacket is waterproof- so now I can use that instead. I needed a lighter coat than my brown one, too- so it will serve two purposes.

Thanks for much for everything- you two always pick such nice gifts. Lorne likes his p.j.’s very much and they’re large enough. He splits then over the shoulder if they’re not. His folks sent a pair, too- so now he’ll have to start wearing them again. You know he hasn’t been since he’s been in the army. The funniest thing happened the first night he wore them. He woke up in the morning to find the top off- it was on the floor- all buttoned and he couldn’t remember taking it off so he must have done it in his sleep!

We had nice birthdays. The morning of each we had candles on the table and opened our gifts from each other here. My gift from Lorne was my new spring hat. I paid so much for it that I told him if he didn’t ask the price, I wouldn’t expect anything else! I gave him a book ‘Head Hunting in the Solomons’, a wall picture of  ‘The Angler’s Prayer’ and Susan gave him a little wooden pipe rach for 2 pipes shaped like 2 arm chairs. He uses it on his desk.

We had dinner at the Club on my birthday and last night I had a family over for dinner and we had the cake Mom ordered. We had 65 candles on it. They practically melted the frosting. It was a beautiful cake- trimmed with yellow and green with both names on it. Wish you could have some.

I think Susan is getting the measles. She was exposed 3 weeks ago and today she has a temperature.

Monday another girl and I went to Atlanta to shop. We went on the train. I had planned to go mostly so Mom could go before she goes home but she backed out because she wanted to save her money. Atlanta is quite a bit larger than Columbus. In fact, very much like St. Paul.

We will certainly miss Mom but I know she will be much happier back there with more to do. They have stopped the Bingo games now, too, for the summer! I am going to try and get an enlisted man’s wife to help me. I need someone with this big house and to take care of Susan if we want to go anywhere. They are glad to work for their room and board so they can be on the post with their husbands.

How about your vacation? Are you still planning to come down? The only bad thing is that it may be hot then but June shouldn’t be as bad as July through Sept. We’d love to have you. Lorne is already planning what we’ll do- of course he’ll want to play golf every night!

Love from us all- Milly”

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