Nellie February 4th, 1943

Wartime Jello Cookbook

Wartime Jello Cookbook

“Dearest Jerry & Jean,

We got your letter, thank you. Sure answered right away that time, sure nice of you.

We just finished supper dishes, we had vegetable soup with dumplings and fruited Jello and whipped cream. Today I have ironed and patched. Yes I bet that was a nice parade they had in St. Paul. I read about it in the paper. To bad you couldnt have seen it Jean.

We sure had some storm again yesterday. It started to blow about 2:30 and Dad went to get Milly about 3:45 and when he got to the school house they couldnt see no were. They started for home and had to follow the telephone poles to make their way. Milly wanted to stop at a farmer about a mile and half from town but Dad had to make home, so they got here O.K. Milly thought today Dad took her within 3/4 mile from school and she walked from there. Tonite he got way to her school.

Tues Dad, Susan and I went to Monte. to see Dr Bergh and when Dad went in he didnt tell the Dr what the matter was. Only told him he wasnt feeling good. He exam him and said you are not fit to work at tall. You have a very bad heart. So then he told him about the medicine Dr here had given him. He told him to keep taking that and made out lots of papers to he sent to Chicago. So now he dont know what they will do about him. We should here in about 10 days or so. We’ll let you know soon as we here again.

It’s funny Cliff has been on guard duty as you wrote. I thought they didnt have to go on that, the work he has. Maybe they are putting him in something else now. I hope not.

I had a nice long letter from Dolores last week. I have to write to her. She told me Jean had told you not to put a whole orange in her lunch bag and you had then put a half one in, and wrapped it up in wax paper. She said it looked so cute. To bad her dog had to die. I have the picture of him.

Milly hasnt heard from Lorne for quite a while. She sure does some worrying to. We hope hes alright. Its a bad place to be right now. Winne said she got 2 letters from Milly. She said she wouldnt even send them to me cause I would feel bad so I guess it must be bad for him. Hes with Ernie and Ruben now tho.

Susan is growing so much and really is getting smarter every day. Dad really knows her books by heart now. Next Thurs eve our lodge is giving a card party, Whist. We’re also giving prizes. You kids can look for a box next week. Am sending one to the boys to for Valentines.

Must close for now. Dad is writing a few lines to.

Much love and be good kids.


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