Nellie January 20th, 1945

Trying To Survive Winter, Battle Of The Bulge

Trying To Survive Winter, Battle Of The Bulge

“Dear Kids,

Am sending you the letters I got from Beany today. I feel bad, very bad about him and I’m so helpless to. I cant do anything for him but as he sais its nothing serious. I would rather he’d be were he is, at least I dont have to think hes on the battlefield fighting. He must have been on this fight they had around the 16 of Dec.

I had a letter from Dolores also today. He had written her to about it. I have gotten 2 more letters from Cliff. He knows we’re here. We are all thru cleaning and we’re both plenty tired. I’m sending you the Press also today. Please send these letters right back to me wont you as I save all their mail. I wrote you a long letter nite before last.

Lets hope our Beany dear is not suffering. I just feel so bad now.

Hope you are all over your cold. Be good.


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