Nellie January 21st, 1945

Fort Benning, GA

Fort Benning, GA

“Dear Jerry & Jean,

I rec’d your letter yesterday and pictures, thanks. The pictures were very good. We owe you for pictures now. Please let us know what it is in all. Ill send you the money. I always know when I get a letter from you Jerry cause the writing is so small and cute.

Today I got a letter from my Beany written on Dec. 2. It sure come late. He said hes so tired now of war and his best Xmas gift would be to come home now. He also wrote it was his permission for me to use his money, all I wanted, all if I needed it, he didnt care just so he could come home soon. There would always be a way when he got here. That made me feel blue cause I know when he wrote that he was disgusted. I wouldnt use his money if I had no money at tall. Bless his heart.

Cliff said he sent his to you this month so you can keep it till I get back then I’ll put in in the bank for him. I have his book here. I dont know for sure how long you can keep a money order before you have to cash it. It should say on the money order.

Our colds are better but it still hangs on. I sure was a sick girl for 2 days.

Today we drove to Columbus. We didnt stay long cause Lorne was in such a hurry. He had to go back to school. I was going to buy you kids something but I just didnt get a chance to, so I will later.

Oh yes I got a letter form Beany yesterday written Jan 2nd. He said he would go back now in a week or two. So I spose the poor kid is back. They put heat and massaged his back to drive away his soreness. We felt so blue cause he said he didnt get any mail. So he was in the dark about that. I have gotten 10 letters from Cliff, the last one Dec. 5th.

We will send you some pictures we took last Sun of the house as soon as we get them developed. Today was just like summer here. I hope it isnt so cold up there.

The folks are going to a bridge party Sat eve. Sunday I spose we will go somewhere and in the evening Milly, I and our neighbor lady is going to play bingo.

Susan goes to school every forenoon and sure likes it so much. Next week Milly and I are going to make bandages at the Red Cross. We will go in the forenoon when Susan is in school.

Beany said to thank you so much for the Xmas cheer. He sure enjoyed it. Hope his pkges were saved for him till he gets back. I sure hate to think of him going into it again but the war sounds better now. The Russians sure have them covered all over.

I spose your brother will be home next week. I’m very glad for him and bet your mother is glad Jean.

When I come back I’m getting all my stuff together and get a home of my own. I’d just love to have a home again now. I wrote to the boys and told them I was and when I get all settled am going back to work again. Its no fun to be with others always. I have it nice here but guess its nicer to have a home I can call my own.

I hope you are fine and Ill write again soon. Love from all.


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