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Cliff June 11th, 1945

August 15

“Dear Jean and Jerry, Received your V-mail of May 14th- the mail has been coming in slow the past few days. Got a letter from Beany this week but no mail from Mom since of May 8th.

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Beany June 3rd, 1945

August 14

“Dear Jean and Jerry, I’m still in a state of unrest waiting to see what will happen. The latest is that all the POW camps will be cleared or turned over to the French within ninety days. We are all supposed to be declared surplus and returned to determine whether we are essential or not. [...]

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Cliff May 30th, 1945

August 13

“Dear Jean and Jerry, I just remembered that this is your birthday, Jerry- sorry that I forgot about it but I’ve been so busy and with moving and all the time has slipped away very fast, it seems. Happy Birthday! Better late than never.

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Beany May 25th, 1945

August 2

“Dear Jean and Jerry, Things are pretty much the same here- haven’t heard what is to happen to any of us yet- if I am lucky enough to be sent home this year. I will have to take another physical and be reviewed by a board. If I were still an enlisted man I would [...]

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Beany May 14th, 1945

August 1

“Dear Jean and Jerry, No doubt you are very happy over the declaration of the German surrender. It is hard to realize for us as it has seemed like such an endless affair. I’ve studied the point system and the reconstruction program. I have the necessary number of points but there are three other factors [...]

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