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Lorne On The Mariposa July 13th, 1941

Mariposa Dinner Menu July 13 1941

Mariposa dinner menu for July 13, 1941

Lorne saved most of the menus from his four day voyage aboard the Mariposa. It is fun to see what the passengers ate during what appears to be an elaborate service. I would love to know what exactly is Celery Victor Hugo and I am not so sure about the Jellied Lamb Tongues.

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Lorne Sets Sail On The S.S. Mariposa

The Mariposa

The S.S. Mariposa in San Francisco Harbor

On the night of July 11th, Lorne boarded the S.S. Mariposa and set sail towards Hawaii. The Mariposa was one of four luxury ocean liners in the Matson Lines’ “White Fleet” including the S.S. Lurline, S.S. Malolo and the S.S. Monterey.

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