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Milly Recalls Christmas 1941

Steamship Evacuation Office

Steamship Evacuation Office

“I had thought I would have none of the customary ‘Christmas Spirit’ that to me had been associated with snow, cold and evergreens. Within a short time, however, I was thrilled to see the beautiful poinsettia plants burst into color. Friends assured me that ‘Christmas Trees’ would arrive from the States and that I must start my Christmas shopping because the last ship which could carry our gifts back home in time for Christmas would leave the latter part of November.

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Lorne December 21st, 1941

Pearl Harbor Evacuation Order

Evacuation order for Milly and Susan

After Pearl Harbor, Lorne was promoted to Captain, Commanding Anti-Tank Company, 35th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division. On December 21st, he received an order to have Milly and Susan evacuated on the first available army transport or commercial liner back to the mainland.